Scientifically Identify The Perfect Plant

For Any Planting Condition With the Plant Wizard

The Plant Wizard is an innovative tool and database that allows the user to enter planting parameters such as zip code (to determine plant hardiness zone), and others to produce a list of appropriate trees and shrubs for the specific planting locations.

How The Plant Wizard Works

Planting good trees and shrubs, but in the wrong location should not happen anymore with the Plant Wizard. This will save the plant owner significant amounts of money and frustration that often accompanies the practice of putting a good plant in a bad location. The Plant Wizard has a database of 1,300 trees and shrubs and will be continually updated.

1. Enter Search Parameters

Plant Wizard Parameters

Mature Size: We categorize trees in four levels of height, ranging from ornamental to large. Selecting the right tree height is essential for long-term planning for your commercial or residential project.

Zip Code: Entering your zipcode identifies USDA Hardiness Zone for your target planting.

Sun Demands: Trees range from taking full sun, to thriving only in mostly shade. Knowing the right tree for your sun conditions will ensure you are not replacing it in five years.

Growth Rate: Different species have drastically different growth rates. Fitting the right growth rate to your needs can help avoid a lot of headaches down the road.

Planting Conditions: Accurately measuring the available rooting area is one of the most important factors in keeping your trees healthy for years to come. Limiting the rooting zones are the number one factor in tree decline.

2. Browse and Filter Results

Choose the perfect plant from our database to match your planting conditions.

Filter and Browse Results

Browse plants which match your planting condition parameters

Type in the filter bar and narrow your results by any partial keyword or phrase.

Select multiple plants to generate your plant wizard report.

3. Select Plants For Detailed Report

All the information you need to choose the perfect plant.

All The Facts You Need

Every planting site has characteristics that affect a plant's ability to flourish. The Plant Wizard puts that all at your fingertips.

  • Flowering
  • Bark and Stem
  • Cultivars
  • Sun zones
  • Ease of establishiment
  • Resistance to disease
  • Habitat
  • Links to plant images

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