Tree Matrix

Tree Matrix is a revolutionary, web-based application designed by arborists to predict and improve tree preservation success.

Do not trust the economic and environmental value of your trees to a vague "Rule of Thumb". Tree Matrix provides certainty for these valuable assets.

  • Accurately Predict Tree Survival.
  • Use Existing PDF Site Plans.
  • Multi-Factor Arborist Designed Survival Algorithm.
  • Based on 30 Years of Arborist Experience
  • Adjust Plans For Best Survivability.
  • Print Certified Reports For Clients.
  • Trees Account for 10-20% of Real Estate Value

Designed by Arborists to help you save trees.

Tree Preservation Reinvented

Multifactor Survival Analysis

Predict tree survival from root disruption with unparalleled accuracy. Our Predictive Analytics engine will overlay your development plan and instantly compute survival scores...

Arborist Designed

Tree Matrix was designed by arborists, and our peer-reviewed algorithm packs over 30 years of top-flight client work and empirical observations into an easy to use web-based tool.

Point and Click Ease

Just upload your plan, choose any scale, add existing and new boundaries, drop trees on the map - and instantly receive an Arborist Certified survival score.

Tree Matrix Is Perfect for

Municipal Planners

  • Numerically assess viability of tree plans
  • Simulate plan changes to increase survivability
  • Arborist Expertise at Fraction of Price
  • Enterprise Pricing

Builders & Developers

  • Stay ahead of local tree preservation regulations
  • Be proactive on tree preservation planning
  • Preserve the massive economic value of trees
  • Advertise your projects as 'tree friendly’

Landscape Architects

  • End the "Rule of Thumb" calculations
  • Provide tree survival alternatives to clients
  • Don't waste time and money on trees that can't be saved
  • Arborist expertise at your fingertips in the field

Introducing the Tree Matrix Plant Wizard

The Tree Matrix Plant Wizard is an innovative tool and database that allows the user to enter planting parameters such as zip code, hardiness, sun tolerance etc. to produce a list of appropriate trees and shrubs for the specific planting locations

  • Arborist Designed and Patented.
  • Over 1,300 plants.
  • Multiple parameters and easily searchable .
  • Detailed descriptions, plant image links.
  • Find the perfect plant for any location.

Learn More About the Plant Wizard

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