Saving Trees and Protecting Your Investments

Tree Matrix Mission

Preserving Trees

Trees must be preserved in the urban and suburban environments to help offset heat island affects, particulate pollution, and storm water sheet flow. Preserving mature trees in these environments will help to mitigate the impacts of global climate change.

Preserving Real Estate Value

In addition to removing uncertainty from tree preservation, Tree Matrix works to retain the enormous value that trees add to residential and commercial property.

Preserving the Earth

Trees also add significantly to our quality of life through their aesthetics and unique interdependent nature. We can and should preserve trees whenever possible; Tree Matrix is an essential new tool for doing so.

The Tree Matrix Team

Tree Matrix was created by Keith Pitchford, ISA certified arborist (Pitchford Associates, Washington, DC) to help solve two persistent problems related to trees in the landscape. The first is the challenge of predictable tree preservation, and the second is appropriate and sustainable landscape planting.

Tree Matrix Team

Keith is an ISA Certified Arborist and has 30 years of experience in arboriculture, including 20 years of running a successful tree preservation firm in Washington DC and Charlottesville, VA.   He is a graduate of the Yale University, School of Forestry and Environmental Studies.

Keith Pitchford


John has 25+ years of high-level systems analysis, database design, e-commerce and web application delivery. John is a graduate of the University of Virginia, and earned his MBA in Finance and Marketing from the University of Georgia.

John Keville


Advisory Committee

Gary is....  Professor of Urban Forestry, University of Minnesota.  A leader in urban forestry and tree preservation studies since 1992.

Gary Johnson - Professor of Urban Forestry, University of Minnesota.

Science Advisor

Holli Howard has spent close to 25 years focused on using the power of geospatial data to advance our understanding of physical world. With a majority of her career grounded in Washington, DC championing climate and urban forestry initiatives, she transitioned to Seattle to join Google Maps in 2018.

Holli Howard - Geospatial, Google, Seattle, WA

Geospatial Advisor

James is. FASLA, Urban Trees + Soils, Annapolis, MD.  An industry leader in bridging the information gap between arboriculture and landscape design.  Jim Urban brings to Tree Matrix over 30 years of experience with tree establishment and urban soils.

James Urban - Principal, Urban Trees + Soils, Annapolis, MD

Science advisor for trees and soils.

Paul is a partner with Wolf/Josey Landscape Architects in Charlottesville, VA.  He is dedicated to preserving existing trees in his landscape architecture work.

Paul Josey - Partner, Wolf/Josey Landscape Architecture, Charlottesville, VA.

Landscape Architecture advisor

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