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Accurately Predict Tree Survival

Save Trees and Save Money

Tree Matrix tree survival scores are powered by our Predictive Analytical Engine (PAE).  The algorithm grew from a frustration with subjective, guesswork-type tree preservation. This “old school” method of guesswork has now been replaced with a highly accurate formula that will help to eliminate uncertainty in this process. This will result in the retention of more trees with fewer uncertainties and legal challenges.

Accurate Root Zone Plotter

Our multi-factor algorithm combined with the accuracy of our root zone plotter is a breakthrough in predicting tree survival due to the disruption of development and construction. Simply put, there is no other product like Tree Matrix.

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Product Description: Predict the survival of trees impacted by construction, development, and other disruptions with our innovative multi factor predictive analytics tool. Designed by elite arborists, this tool takes the guesswork out of predicting the impact of root zone disruption, providing an interactive overlay on any site plan. Longer term subscriptions reduce the per month cost. Reduce your cost by choosing 3, 6 or 12 month subscriptions.
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